Suffering from skin diseases in monsoon?? Try these home remedies!!

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Add-on skin diseases like Rashes, skin Allergy are very common problems faced during the monsoons due to damp, hot and humid climate. To overcome these skin diseases, experts usually advice remedies such as applying ice or fruits on the affected area on face.

Natural Beauty Tips

1. Fruits: Fruits such as mango and pomegranate can be used to overcome unconditional scars and marks on your face and even to nourish your skin. Watermelon if mixed with milk powder will aid to cool your skin.

2. Anti-fungal powder: To avoid any fungal infection use an anti-fungal powder on all body folds .

3. Moisturiser: Though excessive use of Light moisturisers will work against the skin, it will just sit heavily on the face and prevent skin from itching.

4. Honey: Make honey a share of your beauty regime to acquire natural glow. Honey is an ideal natural ingredient to reach away with skin dryness. Sensitive skin can be overcomed by preparing a perspective mask made up of brown sugar, lemon juice honey and olive oil.

5. Tea tree oil: Apply a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil. Reap in its benefits and get rid of rashes and pimples.

6. Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is a beneficial curing agent for skin diseases caused by rain. It helps in purifying the blood and has healing and soothing properties.