Marleshwar Devsthan – Sangameshwar

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Marleshwar Devsthan

Self-Origin Holy Place Shri Marleshwar Devsthan, Sangameshwar, District-Ratnagiri.

There is a Small Village known as Sangameshwar in District-Ratnagiri,  Maharashtra. In similar District there is place referred to as Devrukh, from Devrukh on the distance of 16kms, there’s a very well-known Holy Place of Lord Shiva – Marleshwar. It is present in caves that are inside the mountains. In this caves  there are two Holy Shiva Linga. The first one  belongs to “Mallika-Arjun” and the other one is “Marleshwar”. There is a Myth that these two are brothers and Mallika-Arjun is Elder-one. When this place was found Parvati(Lord Shiva’s Wife) was not present there, thats why these Holy Place has a Ritual that every year at Makar Sankranti local people organise wedding ceremony of Lord Shiva(Marleshwar) and Parvati(Girija-Devi).

Marleshwar is a naturally very stunning place current in-aspect of small collapse pure greenary. “Dhareshwar Waterfall” can also be yet another well-known attraction over-right here, It has water falling from over 200ft high. This takes a circulation as additional sharp falls Sahyadri bavanadi. It is known that the lot of the individuals take a Holy Bath in Magh month(Marathi month) in these waterfall.

To reach Marleshwar, you have to reach Sangameshwar Station by train or bus, from  here there is a State Transport Corporation(Bus) out there,the distance is 30kms which takes approximately one and half hour from Sangameshwar.