Barki waterfall , Kolhapur

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About Barki Waterfall

A new identity of kolhapur people and a new destination for nature lovers Barki waterfalls, where water falls down from 300 feet(tal:shahuvadi , dist:kolhapur)
The waterfall is present from many decades hidden in the wide forest.It was an unknown waterfall, but came into evidence from the past few years when there was a project going of pathbandhare ,the people working there found this wonderfull waterfall and today it is one of the favourite tourist spot in rainy season.People visiting her are overwhemled by its beauty. The barki waterfall is between the sahyadari ranges located near barki village close to shahuvadi.Due to this the waterfall is named as barki.We enjoy the beauty of nature and feel fascinated by the barki waterfalls.

How To Reach:

The waterfall is 53 km away from kolhapur. We can also visit bazarbhogaav- karanjfenmargh or malkapur-yelvan.But to see the barki waterfall you have to walk 3 km . While going towards the waterfall you see the fascinating mountains , green grass , birds, flowers, small rivers , canals,etc.crossing small canals while walking gives your leg a nice experience.The place is not so crowded but in rainy season the place is full of tourist  for 4 months.