Igatpuri Waterfalls near Ghatandevi Temple

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Igatpuri Waterfalls Located on the end of Thal Ghat close to Kasara, Igatpuri affords stunning views of mountains and valleys. The magic of monsoons brings greenery and waterfalls to this hilly space. Near the Ghatandevi Temple (Goddess who protects the Ghats), are a collection of 5 waterfalls that are a preferred vacationer attraction in the course of the rains.

Other spots other than igatpuri :

Other keys sights at Igatpuri are Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre (Pagoda that provide Vipassana meditation programs), Camel Valley, Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort and Tringalwadi Lake.

How To Reach :

7 kms from the freeway close to Kasara city is a left that goes underneath a railway observe; A Kms additional on this street is the Vihigaon waterfall (thirteen Km earlier than Igatpuri). Vihigaon waterfall is fashioned through the rains when the village pond overflows over the hill. Visitors can get pleasure from rappelling and mountaineering on Sundays when the waterfall is flowing. Visitors driving to Igatpuri from Pune, by way of Malshej Ghat, have the chance to go to two scenic hill stations.