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This article gives great beneficial to student’s who learn about e-waste management & green energy. Anybody who wants to develop one’s knowledge will also find it very useful.
Authored by Akshay Bhingare, the tutor from Thane who has several other articles to his credit,
For those Indian students who have to clear the environment department exam, an essential examination for pass. Essential to develop their knowledge. Important for made master in e-waste management & green energy.
The article is broadly divided into two sections. By way of simple techniques, the author has presented easy tips for e-waste management and green energy.Provided techniques of recycling and risks associated with uses of it and importance of e-waste management and green energy in current world.Provided all the important information about e-waste management and green energy. This article gives all the techniques of e-waste management and green energy. In this, process of e-waste management processes in several countries given. In this article, all hazardous component of e-waste and their related hazardous substances are given. In this, also given about basel convention.
Akshay Bhingare, by way of citing several examples, even explains types of green energy. Each and every method or techniques explained in detail, Focusing on important topics & points.
In this article, gives about types of green energy and their description. Giving advantages and disadvantages of green energy types. Techniques used for this, and their detailed information. Also given about electricity production process from solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal energy.
The book is laid out in an easy to understand e-waste management & green energy.
Not just students who are appeared for examination, this article also has many takers who are working to improve their knowlwdge and general hold over the e-waste management & green energy.

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