Lemon: A Cancer Specialist

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Here are some important and beneficial tips for all :

    • Wash lemon with water and put it in a freezer.when that lemon will turn to harsh as ice ,at least after 8 to 10 hours,remove it from freezer and grate it into small pieces with outer shell. After that whatever you eat, sprinkle on it….
    • You can sprinkle it on your salad ,ice cream,soup,noodles ,pizza ,fish or will give a unbelievable flavour to your meal.
    • Because of using lemon with its outer shell,it adds flavours but also there are many reasons behind it??
    • In lemon shell there are 5 to 10 % more C-vitamin that lemon juice,and preferably we throws that important part.

lemon shell is very health worthy because it removes all poisonous ingredients out of body.
Sparking and unbelievable Importance of lemon shell is that it destroys all cells of cancer form the body. lemon shell is 10000 times more effective than chemotheropy.

Then why we dont know about all this????
Because today world’s best laboratories are in search of medicine of artificial type because they get more profit from it.
you can suggest your needy friend that you can put away cancer or if you are infected with cancer how important is lemon juice & it’s shell.It will give double benefit that it tastes good and there are no side effets like chemotheropy.

Think twice,beacause of unknown to this is very simple,easy but effective medicine how many persons lost their lives and from now on we can save how many lives of other persons.

In lemon tree there is miraculous power that cures all types of cancer. It works on bacterial infections and fungus also.It also destroys body’s internal parasites and viruses.

lemon juice and specially lemon shell keeps blood pressure and mental stress in control,body nerves and depression cures.this important source is so shocking.

This is press released statement that,one of the top most medicine production company released that ,form year 1970, more than 20 top most laboratories tested that ,lemon shell destroys more than 12 types of cancer cells from body.It slows down cancer cells growth.

And most important thing is that,it destroys only caners cells but does not harms healthy cells of body.

Therefore,choose well riped lemons wash it ,freeze them and grate it and use it in daily basis meal.Beacuse of this your body will thanks you always.