How to get rid of heat stroke

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Why there are death because of heat stroke?

Heat stroke is dangerous forms of  heat injury causes deaths . There are hundreds of people which are died by heat stroke. Heat stroke occurs illness like fainting and heat exhaustion.

We all roaming in heat in summer season,but why out of all some died  of roaming in heat ?

Effects on human body internally:

  • Our body temperature always remains 37°C, in this temperature our all body parts could work better.
  • Our body keeps body temperature normal by sweating ,because of sweating you have to drink water thoroughly is very important.
  • Water also does other important works in body. Therefore   when there is less amount of water in body, body stops to sweat  .
  • When outer temperature goes above 45°C  and body cooling system stops due to lack of water ,body temperature starts to raise above 37°C.
  • When Body  temperature reaches to 42 °C, then blood starts to heat and protein literally starts to boil.  (  Just like boiled egg  ! Very Dangerous)
  • Body tendons starts to getting hard, besides body tendons our breathing tendons also starts to fail.
  • Due to loss of water from blood, blood starts to clot ,blood pressure starts to down, important organs  (especially  brain) stops blood supply.
  • Persons goes to coma and his/her  body parts stops to work one by one & immediately and results in dead.

Who gets Affected:

>>It generally affects persons above age of 50,which lives in homes with no or little air flow.

>>It can affect any person of any age group,which have chronic disease or the person who drinks alcohol affects the most .

>>persons with heart-related issues which are directly in contact with sunlight can be easily prey for heat stroke .


How to get rid off :

1.To get rid of these calamities drink water  time to time and keep in mind how our body temperature remains below 37°C.

2.Heat stroked person should be moved to the environment which is at least cool or in shade to make him normal.

3.If possible ,remove unnecessary clothes from body as early as possible. can try to cool body by putting cold watering skin .If possible try to put ice cubes under body parts which are very  responsive to skin,which can control body temperature.

5.Wear lightweight ,light-colored cloths and hat which prevents from sunlight.Besides ,water drinks fruit juices which effects   cold like coconut,oranges and eat mostly green vegetables in daily routine meal.

6.In summer at the time of workout,take precaution that body does not exhaust and take fruit juice at least after gap of 2 hours.

7.If possible,try to cancel outdoor work at noon,schedule if possible at early morning or at the time of sunset.

After recovering from heat stroke, you have to take care at least next week. So it’s best to avoid roaming ,exercises or heavy activities until you feel fresh.